Monday, August 24, 2015

Possible Bigfoot in The Shadows

On August fifteenth I ventured out to my public land research area with my brother in law.  We were walking the edge of large soy bean fields and I was filming to my left into the thick woods. While filming I captured a few seconds of what appears to be a possible Bigfoot that was lurking back in the thick foliage. I am still working on the video footage to post at a future date. In the meantime I have prepared a preview of still captures from the video. Is this a Bigfoot or just a shadow?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Say hello to my Little Friend

Infant Bigfoot, Little Person, Troll, Gnome, many ideas about the identity of this creature have been put forward since the I first posted this video. This video intrigues me to this day. Critics have tried to say this is no more than a common animal but its physical appearance, movement, and behavior completely rule that possibility out.

It is a very interesting fact that the little creature managed to avoid the triangulation of three cameras by apparently going under the Passive Infrared Sensors. The only location that it could reach the food and not set off the cameras is where he is located in the video.  This is extremely interesting.  It was also interesting to note, that on the black and white camera that did capture it, the creature is at the edge of the cameras focal area. 
No other camera captured ANY footage of anything on this day. No small animals, birds, insects, deer, NOTHING! If this was a mere squirrel how did it manage to avoid the other three cameras completely? Why would a small animal even be concerned with or know that there is a camera present?  On other days the cameras had captured squirrels and other small animals, but not one single animal on this day.  

Five years after capture of the video, I think that this most likely an infant Bigfoot.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Possible Bigfoot In National Park - Follow-Up

I return the the location where I captured a possible Bigfoot on video in the National Park. The capture date was 07/11/2015. On 07/25/2015 I return to the location and film the exact same area standing in the same location. I could find no stump, leafs, or shadow combination that could create the Bigfoot captured on 07/11/2015.


Below is a comparison of the two locations on the dates in question.


Monday, July 27, 2015

The Best Of the Bigfoot Field Journal - The Bigfoot In The Laurel

This is footage that I have posted before. I know for some this will not be new. I am amazed every time I look at this footage. I have a Bigfoot approximately thirty feet behind. The footage was taken while I was relieving myself. I had the camera filming behind me and captured a few seconds of this Bigfoot hiding in a laurel thicket watching me. The most compelling part of the video is at the end I begin to turn my shoulders and the angle of the camera changes, the Bigfoot starts to duck down, and the complete face of the Bigfoot is visible. This completely blows the “leafs and shadows” argument out of the water. The Bigfoot is also moving its mouth during the video which can clearly be observed. For brevity I am only showing the zoomed in footage. If you desire to see the complete footage you can search my channel for “Bigfoot in The Laurel”.

This is a Bigfoot in its natural environment, hiding, peeking, and watching. I had no clue I was being watched until I reviewed the video. Gray skin, high cheek bones, black hair, staying almost completely motionless in thick vegetation, this is the best you can do in my opinion.  The only way to get better footage without a body is an extraordinary event like the Patterson/Gimlin film. That is the last time a Bigfoot, for reasons still unknown and very out of character, walked in front of a human(s) with a camera for several seconds. 

So many “arm chair” Bigfoot enthusiast clamor for that clear, close up, high definition , several minute video of a Bigfoot walking in the open. I hate to burst your bubble but in my opinion this is very unlikely to happen. The most likely scenario where any type “in the open footage” is captured would be a tourist on vacation, probably the ten year old child in the back seat with a video camera. 

So many efforts have been made to obtain this elusive footage over the years. Several TV series have sprung up with the quest for the clear, high definition footage as the goal. Yet years have passed with no footage. Just some whoops and a few trees falling in the woods. I think the TV shows were more interested in catching an audience than gathering evidence that Bigfoot exists. The only recent show that has taken the subject seriously in my opinion is Les Stroud’s “Survivor Man – Bigfoot” series. In the interest of full disclose, I was a quest on the Finding Bigfoot show and also Survivor Man – Bigfoot. 

In my opinion Les Stroud’s approach is the correct approach. I hope in the future he endeavors to investigate the subject more thoroughly. This is not a field of study one can “put to bed” in a few weeks. Years will be necessary to crack the surface of this phenomenon known as Bigfoot.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Missing 411 - The Movie

Missing 411 - The Movie!! David Paulides has embarked on an ambitious project to produce a movie based on his very popular book series Missing 411. Link- Missing 411 The Movie

This project is privately funded. Be a part of team and donate to this worth while project. Missing 411 - The Movie will tell the stories of the missing and their families. It will also educate the audience concerning mysterious missing person cases in our National Parks and lands. 

David has assembled a production team that includes his very talented son, professionals and Emmy aware winners.

To see a preview of the movie and donate to this worthy cause please click the following link - Missing 411 The Movie

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Possible Bigfoot in National Park - July 2015

July 11th 2015 my wife and I ventured into the National Park for a hike. While resting I see possible movement. I zoom the video camera into the area and capture a possible Bigfoot peering back at us from thick foliage. This Bigfoot was in the same area where I captured verified vocalizations.